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Artwork by Stan Natchez

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About the Artist

(Born 1954) Born in Los Angeles, Natchez is a member of the Ta Taviam tribe, translated "People Who Face the Sun", a non-federally recognized tribe.  This tribe currently has a petition to gain federal recognition. Influenced by Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns and other Pop artists, Natchez's paintings are Pop in flavor.

Fabrics and goldleaf layering are often featured in his paintings, as well as sand, lending a different texture to his canvases. He uses U.S. paper money layered on the canvas to suggest a modern dayhide.

Having earned a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Southern Colorado, Natchez participated in the Master of Fine Arts program at Arizona State University.  At the Native Peoples magazine, Natchez has been Editorial Advisor and Education Coordinator.