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Artwork by Jasper D'Ambrosi

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About the Artist

(1926-1986) Sculptor, painter, and printmaker, Jasper D'Ambrosi greatest strength was in his bronze sculpture. Because of meticulous attention to detail and research, his bronzes projected his empathy with people and their surroundings.

A native Californian, he graduated cum laude from USC; headed the graphic arts department of Douglas Aircraft and later his own graphic design company, specializing in custom silk screen printing, graphics designs and decorator products.

During this time D'Ambrosi never abandoned his painting, drawing and sculpting. Exhibiting in many group and one-man shows around southern California, he was recognized as one of the outstanding artists in the area. Participating in juried competition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the National Orange Show and elsewhere, he amassed numerous awards.

In 1970 he made the choice to sell his design business and devote full time and energy to fine art. He found working in bronze exciting and challenging and the medium seemed especially suited to his talents. Pioneering the intricate detail of Western Bronzes, this renowned sculptor has produced several "American Classics" which have allowed literally thousands of modern day people to reflect on and experience in some way how it felt to live and work a generation or so ago. This experience greatly enriches ones view of history.

"By involving real people, the artwork takes on a more realistic feel. People are basically the same today as they were a hundred years ago, and by seeking reactions from people I can better understand the situations I create in my art. If I can create something that will relate a feeling or an emotion to any set of eyes, be the eyes of the past, present, or future, then I feel that I have captured a moment in history."

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