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Artwork by Truman Lowe

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About the Artist

(Born 1944, Winnebago (Ho Chunk)) "Truman Lowe has established himself as an innovator in Native American sculpture. He has been able to successfully translate the elegance of traditional wood use by his Winnebago ancestors into his contemporary sculptures. He has masterfully created his monumental wood sculptures to echo the ancient ceremonial mounds and effigies of the peoples from the woodlands area of the United States. His sculptures capture the essence, beauty and spirit of these ancient forms.

For nearly a decade, Lowe has been experimenting with metal as a medium for his work. He began by creating small (averaging three feet in height) bronze pieces directly from his wooden pieces. He has also been pushing the limits of his monumental pieces by fabricating them directly from his designs using aluminum, instead of wood."

The above was taken from a biographical citation written as support for an example of Truman's sculpture having been placed at the White House.