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Artwork by Mission

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About the Artist

"Their numbers diminished over the years as the non-indigenous people came west, bringing their life threatening diseases with them. Some of the Native American survivors became incorporated into the Mexican minority population. Very few of the surviving Mission people such as the Agua Caliente at Palm Springs, the Cahuilla and the Luiseno have managed to retain aspects of their original languages, kinship systems, and religions. Basket making was a highly developed skill for these different Mission tribes residing in Southern California. Coiled basketry prevails in Southern California. Bundle coiled foundations consists of grasses or rush stems. All decorated baskets from this region exhibit comparatively simple design motifs that are geometric or stylized in form and are executed in red, in black or in the mottled yellowish brown juncus rush on a natural colored field. Rims are finished with an overcast, coiled whipstitch that creates a self rim." Excerpted from Indian Baskets by Sarah and William Turnbaugh