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Artwork by Rocco Lentini

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About the Artist

Born in Palermo, Lentini was known for his historical scenes, landscapes and seascapes. His father, John (Giovanni) was both a painter and a set designer, as well as Rocco's first art instructor. In 1877 Rocco won a scholarship from the city of Palermo, allowing him to continue his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. In 1878 he studied in Paris, where he exhibited in the Salon of 1879. Upon returning to Paleromo, Lentini began his long career as a teacher, publishing two books on the subject of art: Elements of Ornato in 1892 and Elements of Landscape. Lentini traveled extensively to Germany, to Austria, northern Italy and especially to Venice and Sicily. He participated in both the Venice Biennale in 1905 and 1922, moving to Venice in 1929. A retrospective for Lentini was staged between 12 November and 12 December 1999 at the Gallery of Modern Art in Palermo. Rocco Lentini is cited in Benezit's Dictionary of Artists.