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Artwork by Robert Tenorio

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About the Artist

This potter from Santo Domingo, Kewa Pueblo is a traditionalist in both firing and design. Robert Tenorio prefers native clays, often processing the Rocky Mountain bee plant to achieve the black decoration on his pottery. His hand-coiled creations are fired outdoors with cottonwood bark. Originally Robert pursued making jewelry. In 1968 while attending the Institute of American Indian Art in Santa Fe, his preference for working in clay became obvious. This prize winning artist in clay is cited in the following books: Gregory Schaaf's Southern Pueblo Pottery 2000 Artist Biographies, Talking with the Clay, Collections of Southwestern Pottery, Southwestern Pottery Anasazi to Zuni, Fourteen Families Pottery Anasazi to Zuni, Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery and American Indian Pottery 2nd Edition.