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Artwork by T.C. Cannon

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About the Artist

"T. C. Cannon (Caddo/Kiowa/Choctaw) died young and left behind a beautiful, powerful oeuvre. He was born in 1946 in Lawton, Oklahoma, and died as a result of an automobile accident in Santa Fe in 1978. He had attended the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, studying with Fritz Scholder. He seemed somewhat bitter and distrustful of authority. One of his teachers suggested to T. C. Cannon that they get in two rocking chairs facing each other and rock and frown until all the aggression was gone. He was away from home for the first time, so perhaps his quiet and reflective nature was misread as bitterness. T. C. Cannon has mischiefness in his work. He treated the Indian subject in brightly arrayed costuming as a "dandy." He portrayed the Indian of a distant past, but placed him in today’s world. His people were always dressed to be beautiful. " The above was taken from, contributed by Adobe Gallery. This artist's colorful output is explored nicely in a book titled T.C. Cannon He Stood in the Sun by Joan Frederick in cooperation with Walter Cannon, 1995, Northland Publishing.