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Artwork by Gerald Brockhurst

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About the Artist

Born in the United Kingdom, he moved to the United States after 1939, and became an American citizen in 1949. Brockhurst had taken up etching in 1920, making it his favorite medium until 1947, when he completely abandonned printmaking. Central to his work is female beauty presented in detailed observation and with technical perfection. His women are mysterious, complicated and exciting, reflecting the artist's understanding of artistic traditions, portraiture, and the expression of allegory in the female image. His favorite subject in the 1920s was his exotic wife Anais, subject of such works as L'Eventail, 1921 and The Black Silk Dress, 1927. He fell in love with the artist's model Kathleen Woodward in 1929, who was the sitter for his famous etching called Adolescence in 1932. Kathleen became his second wife after he obtained a divorce in 1939, and the two moved to New Jersey. Kathleen died in 1995. Education: Birmingham School of Art; Royal Academy, London, England; also in Paris, France, and Milan, Italy. Exhibited: Royal Academy, London; Art Institute of Chicago, 1935 and 1940. The above was taken from the