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Artwork by Nancy McLaughlin

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About the Artist

Nancy McLaughlin was born in Kalispell, Montana in 1932. Raised around reservations her entire life, she developed a respect for the cultures and fostered a special relationship with the Blackfoot Indians. She was accepted by this tribe and given the name Mesa Maxaki (Swan Woman). At one point in her career, she was married to artist Ace Powell, and the two artists created many artworks together which were sold throughout the western United States. As an artist, she works primarily in bronzes and paintings, and mastered an ability to faithfully depict the culture that she witnessed on the reservations. Her early years were spent sketching with pencil and pastels, but she later found her niche in bronzes, watercolors, and oil. Her favorite subject was women on the reservation, emphasizing the power and beauty of the hardworking mothers and daughters. She is especially acclaimed for her talent in depicting human faces of all ages in bronze and paint, evoking innate human aspects in her artwork. She has exhibited at the Charles Russell Art Show in Montana and is included in the Walter Brimson Collection of western art. She died of a heart attack in Newport, Washington, in 1985.