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Artwork by Neil David

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About the Artist

Neil David Sr. is a Hopi artist who was born in 1944. He is known for using modern Hopi Indian symbols, working in pastel, gouache and acrylic paint.

David is recognized for his kachina carvings, notably for Koshare figures. He has mastered the ability to depict the human body in natural positions with natural expressions, which is why his carvings are widely recognized.

In his paintings and drawings, David frequently depicts Hopi children painted like the Koshare. In addition to his other work, he has also illustrated books on kachinas. His son, Neil Jr. learned the artistic trade from his father. Neil David currently resides in First Mesa in Polacca, Arizona.

Just published in 2011 is a book titled Neil David's Hopi World by Ron Pecina and Bob Pecina.  All illustrations are by Neil David Sr.

Neil David Senior, Hopi with a Smile is the name of a documentary filmed on the Hopi Reservation in Arizona at David's home in Polacca and at his studio at the foot of First Mesa.  In this footage he is explaing the Hopis' Katsina culture as he carves kachina dolls and produces paintings of the Koshare clowns and kachina performers. Galerie Kokopelli in Monchengladbach, Germany funded this project.