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Artwork by Alain Bourbonnais

1 artwork currently available by Alain Bourbonnais.

About the Artist

(1925-1988, French)  Alain Bourbonnais was born on June 22, 1925 in Allier, France.  A graduate of the School of Fine Arts, he became an architect of Civil Buildings and National Palaces.

Initially Bourbonnais collected popular creations and works of inspired autodidacts. In 1971, he opened the Atelier Jacob, the first non-standard art gallery in Paris. Later Bourbonnais created, in 1983, La Fabuloserie in Dicy, in the Yonne, where he presented many pieces from his collection.  

At the same time, he himself created habitable automaton sculptures inspired by the carnival: the “Turbulents”, also collages and erotic-baroque prints.

His work is in the collection of La Fabuloserie in Dicy and at the Musee de la Creation Franche.