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Artwork by Friedensreich Hundertwasser

1 artwork currently available by Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

About the Artist

(1928-2000)  "His name at birth was Friedrich Stowasser. Around 1949 he exchanged the Czech "Sto-" (which translates to 'hundred') in his surname for the German "Hundert-" (which also translates to 'hundred'). At this same time, he went from "Friedrich" to "Friedensreich" - effectively becoming "Peace-Kingdom Hundred-Water."

Not content to merely paint and make prints, Hundertwasser was also an architect (un-credentialed) who wrote manifestos, designed posters and stamps, and traveled the globe bringing construction projects to realization and collecting awards. He was also an outspoken proponent of many environmental and anti-nuclear causes. Despite all of this, he is (rightfully) best known for his vibrantly-colored, opulently-decorated paintings and graphic works and his contributions to printmaking technique."   written by for