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Artwork by Arthur Hahn

1 artwork currently available by Arthur Hahn.

About the Artist

(Born circa 1930-2000)  

Arthur W. Hahn received the BFA degree from the University of California at Berkeley in 1958, his MA from the California State University at San Francisco in 1960. His work has been exhibited in major museums, universities and galleries mainly in the southwestern United States.  He served on the faculty of Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona.

Arthur Hahn wrote that as an artist and as an instructor of figure drawing, his primary subject was the human form.  In 1977 he spent almost six months studying human anatomy at the College of Medicine of the University of Arizona, made possible through the efforts of several faculty members and staff in the Department of Anatomy.  He felt that these studies influenced the practice of his art as well as his teaching in art anatomy and were critical to his understanding of the structures lying under the human skin surface.