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Artwork by Ottavio Leoni

1 artwork currently available by Ottavio Leoni.

About the Artist

(1578-1630, Italian)  Ottavio Leoni was a printmaker, draftsman, engraver and painter. 

Ottavio’s father was from Padua and a maker of medals and wax-relief portraits.  Ottavio spent his career in Rome, being admitted to the Accademia di St. Luca in 1604 and becoming its principal in 1614.  He painted two important canvases at this time.  

In 1621 Leoni became a member of the Accademia dei Virtuosi dei Pantheon, presenting an oil portrait of Gregory XV to them in 1628.  Leoni is sometimes referred to as “Il Padovano” because of the Padua origins of the family.