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Artwork by Albrecht Durer

1 artwork currently available by Albrecht Durer.

About the Artist

(1471-1528) “The second of eighteen children in the family of a master goldsmith, Albrecht Dürer’s father was not convinced Albrecht’s skills were of consequence.  He was apprenticed to a painter at the age of fifteen.  He spent four years under the tutelage of Michael Wolgemut, both a painter and an engraver.

 An avid traveler, his curiosity about all things drove him to travel before the age of nineteen. His wanderings across Europe allowed him to fall in love with Venice. Marrying in 1494, he used his wife’s dowry to set up his graphics workshop. 

 Dürer became one of the first to sign and date even his most incidental drawings. His chop, a reminder of his early goldsmith’s training, was known across Europe.” excerpted from a Dürer biography composed by Jean Ershler Schatz for