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Artwork by Raul Anguiano

2 artworks currently available by Raul Anguiano.

About the Artist

(1915-2006, Mexican) 

"Raul Anguiano was born in Guadalajara, Mexico on February 26, 1915. He studied with art teachers in Guadalajara and at the Art Students League.  He had many commissions for murals in Mexico. He held the position of general secretary of the Art Teachers Union, Mexico City and Vice-president of the Mexican Association Plastic Arts.  He was art supervisor of adult education at Esmeralda Art School, Mexico from 1942 to 1964 and taught life drawing at the University of Mexico City at the same time.   

Throughout his works he maintained a faithful realistic tendency which he enriched with fantastic elements. He developed prints, drawings, paintings and murals (National Museum of Anthropology) dealing with the essential themes of the Mexican Revolution.  Besides his vocation for painting, he studied ethnology, a subject which he loved and further developed mainly about the women of the Lacandona area.   

He was a distinguished-looking man with a head of silver hair.  Most who knew him called him "Maestro".  He lived in Huntington Beach in California for several months of every year with his wife Brigita.  In 2002 he painted a mural in the auditorium of East Los Angeles College, teaching a class of art students at the same time.  These students were inspired and awestruck by this artist, who, at the age of eighty-six,  moved up and down a two-story scaffolding as if he were fifty years younger.  He taught as he worked, remembering Mexican art history without having to resort to books." taken from