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Artwork by Will Shuster

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About the Artist

(1893-1969)  "A realist and early modernist painter, graphic artist, illustrator, and sculptor, Will Shuster became known primarily for his work in New Mexico where in 1920, he settled in Santa Fe, having been encouraged to come there by John Sloan. He had studied electrical engineering at the Drexel Institute in Philadelphia and later was a student of Sloan's in Santa Fe in both etching and painting.

He was in World War I, where he suffered a gas attack. On his return, he studied with J William Server in Philadelphia but was advised to go West for his health.

In Santa Fe in 1921, he became one of the founding members of Los Cinco Pintores, artists who responded to the New Mexico environment including the Penitentes in a respectful way and modernist, abstract style. Later he became more realist in style. He also illustrated a frontier biography, "My Life on the Frontier," by Governor M.A. Otero." taken from