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Artwork by Niels Erik From

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About the Artist

(1908-1982) Important Danish modernist jewelry designer of the 20th century, Niels Erik From opened his first workshop in 1931 at the age of 23. Neils' first four decades were devoted to the Danish Art Nouveau.  Skonvirke style incorporated fluid floriforms and other natural elements.  This jewelry was often set with a focal point semi-precious material like amber or stones such as garnet, amethyst or rose quartz.  The overall look was elaborate and involved.   

In the 1950's, early on, the designs coming from the shop evolved.  They became more substantial while taking on the clean modernist forms with which we are so enamored today.  Rendered in sterling silver, Niels' flowers became more elemental, with petals made of curved circle and hearts of solid sterling orbs.  At times the minimalist use of just two or three basic shapes was repeated and manipulated artfully into a series of elegant designs--creating a stunningly graceful wardrobe of interchangeable treasures.

Helmer Jensen, From's son-in-law, took over shop management in 1960 and through the 1970's.  It was during these two decades that the Niels Eric From name became known throughout the world, for the visually lithe and contemporary sophistication of the jewelry produced by carefully selected artists in his shop.

After Mr. From's death in 1982, Jensen struggled to keep the studio going another eight (8) years.  Finally close in 1990, the true importance of N.E. From as designer, artist and overall driving inspirational force of his silver shop was fully realized.