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 Celebrating Our 24th Year 

Artwork by Bob -Nosa Uwagboe

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About the Artist

(Born 1974, Nigerian)  Known as a protest artist, Bob-Nosa does not intend to depict easy listening scenes.  

Uwagboe’s paintings of mixed media and sometimes with collage textures draw attention to the sliding values which most African countries, particularly Nigeria, place on human lives. In specific context, the artist is using the body of work in the exhibition to mourn the death of value for human dignity. He is worried that humanity has lost its essence, and needs to be mourned, first and foremost, as a process of recovery.

He is from the Niger Delta.  He often uses his art to confront issues plaguing the region, as well as issues affecting mankind in general.  Regarding the issue of migration, one canvas is titled The Floating Dead Bodies.  It captures the ugly incidences of migrants perishing in the Mediterranean sea while attempting to flee their countries due to war and poverty.