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Artwork by Godfrey Kututwa

2 artworks currently available by Godfrey Kututwa.

About the Artist

(Born 1967)  Godfrey Kututwa was born in Nyanga, Zimbabwe.  His education and subsequent work opportunities have been impeded due to his physical disabilities, as he cannot speak and is almost completely deaf.

Godfrey began sculpting at the age of 21, encouraged by the venerable first generation sculptor Claud Nyanhogo.  For several years Godfrey stayed with Claud as an informal apprentice.  Since 1996 he has branched out on his own and has succeeded in creating his own name and style.

His subject matter is predominantly inspired by nature, particularly animals and birds, rendering beautifully defined faces conveying a unique sensitivity.  When depicting human figures, they often have closed eyes, endowing them with a devout virtue.  

Since the early 1990's, Kututwa's sculptures have graced leading Shona sculpture galleries.  He has participated in international workshops in both England and Holland.