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Artwork by Joseph Bouvard

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About the Artist

"Joseph-Antoine Bouvard was a French architect, born on February 19, 1840 in Saint-Jean-de-Bournay (Isère), and died on November 5, 1920 in Marly-le-Roi (Yvelines).

He was the pupil of Hugues Quenin, an architect in Vienna. In 1864 Bouvard studied architecture at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he was a pupil of Simon-Claude Constant-Dufeux (1801-1870). In 1865 he received two medals for his projects, one for the use of wood, the other for perspective.  Around 1885, he was the architect of the first national vocational school in France, in Voiron (Isère), in his native region..

Joseph Bouvard was the collaborator of Jean-Charles Alphand (1817-1891), director of the Works of the city of Paris, and succeeded him. He became administrative director of the Architecture, Promenades, Plantations and Festivals departments of the city of Paris until 1911. He also contributed to many exhibitions and events organizations in Paris in addition to the Exhibition Universal of 1889.

One of Bouvard's sons, Roger Bouvard, also became an architect and a collaborator in the city of Paris.  Bouvard was appointed Knight of the Legion of Honor in 1878, promoted to officer in 1889, commander in 1897, and raised to the rank of Grand Officer in 1903.

His achievements were as follows:

The Central Dome of the Galerie des Machines during the 1889 Exhibition (1889), painting by Louis Béroud, Paris, Musée Carnavalet.
1882-1883: barracks of the Republican Guard, No. 4 rue de Schomberg, in Paris 4th 4th.
    1882-1884: station of Saint-Étienne-Châteaucreux, Saint-Étienne.
    1885-1886: National vocational school of Voiron, the first of France before Vierzon and Armentières5, now high school Ferdinand Buisson6.
    1889: the central dome of the Gallery of the Machines of the World Exposition7.
    1892: Paris Job Exchange, No. 3 rue du Château-d'Eau in Paris.
    1893-1896: station Saint-Charles of Marseille.
    1907: he made proposals for the development of Constantinople that he discovers with his son Roger Bouvard, also architect. He will be called the "new Haussmann of the Orient" [ref. necessary].
    1907-1909: urban plan of the city Buenos Aires (Argentina). "The Argentineans want their capital, Buenos Aires, to become one of the most beautiful cities in the world in the space of a few months, on the occasion of the Centennial of Independence in 1910. There is a network of avenues to open, a whole series of monuments to be built with a wand. They need a magician. It is Mr. Bouvard that they call, [...] and who promises to do this miracle. "8.
    Buildings of the Archives of the Seine, no 30 Quai Henri-IV in Paris, in collaboration with Félix Roguet.
    Contribution to the development of the Champ-de-Mars in Paris." excerpted from