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Artwork by Daniel Gerhartz

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About the Artist

"Daniel F. Gerhartz was born in 1965 in Wisconsin, where he now lives with his wife, Jennifer, and their four young children.  His interest in art peaked at an early age when a teenage friend suggested they spend a dreary afternoon drawing.  It was then that he discovered his life's work.

Gerhartz began his art education at the American Academy of Art in Chicago where he studied in the classical tradition and immersed himself in applications of technique and design. After a brief stint in commercial art, he began pursuing fine art, visiting museums to study master works and painting alongside contemporary artists. Gerhartz found his passion in painting from life. This direct approach to working with the figure and landscape allowed him to see and attempt to capture the infinite nuances of light, color, and form. This continues to drive his enthusiasm today. Since then, he has been featured in solo and group shows across the country, has won several awards at prominent national invitational exhibitions, and his work has been collected both nationally and internationally.

Gerhartz's skillful and technically adept work celebrates the created world, the human form, and personal relationships, with a connection to landscapes and environments of special importance. Many of his figures are dressed in dramatic clothing that he often invents for its aesthetic appeal and lyrical quality so as to achieve a sense of other worldliness. His subjects evoke a timelessness and idealism, yet for the most part Gerhartz has drawn upon his home and community, including family and friends, for subject matter. His sense of intimacy and honesty with regard to his subjects is a direct result of his closeness and proximity to them. A projection of tranquility, repose, and rich introspection results from his knowledge of the content of his art." taken from provided by Altermann Galleries