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Artwork by Tyrus Wong

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About the Artist

(1910-2016) "This Chinese-born artist is a painter, lithographer, and designer who studied at Otis Art Institute.  A production illustrator in the film industry, Wong has worked for such studios as Disney and Warner Bros.  He was also one of the first fine artists to apply his talent to the designing of Christmas cards.

Tyrus Wong and his father immigrated to the United States from China when he was 9 years old. When he attended Benjamin Franklin Junior High in Pasadena, his teachers noticed Wong's artistic ability and arranged for a summer scholarship at the Otis Art Institute.  Wong was hooked and decided to leave junior high for a full time studentship at Otis.  Since his family was poor, he worked as a janitor at this school and walked for miles just to attend classes. It paid off as Tyrus Wong had a lucrative career as an artist in Hollywood. 

He did everything from working as a greeting card designer to Warner Brothers film production illustrator (1942-1968), from drawing set designs and storyboard for several movies to being a Disney inspirational sketch artist (1938-1941). It was his lush pastels that served as inspiration for Bambi (1942)." taken from