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Artwork by Nicholas Kadzungura

1 artwork currently available by Nicholas Kadzungura.

About the Artist

(Born 1967, Zimbabwe)  Mentored by Damian Manuhwa, a sculptor well known for the accuracy of his depiction of animals seemingly at close range, Kadzungura has been making sculpture since 1986.  

As early as 1988 Kadzungura began to exhibit his statements in stone in Zimbabwe as well as in New Zealand.  Since then his work has been seen in Germany (1997), in South Africa and in London, England (both in 2000).  Several venues in the United States have exhibited his work (Missouri Botanical Garndens, Phoenix, Arizona, Denver Botanic Gardens, the Franklin Conservatory in Central Park, Ohio as well as a locale in Kansas.)  

He prefers to use hard stones for carving such as verdite, nuakite and red jasper.  Kadzungura favors creating new expressions, treating each work in a fresh way.

Kadzungura once worked at the University of Zimbabwe in the department of Zoology, where he developed an interest in the anatomy of animals, their bone structures, the composition of their bodies as identified by bones.