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Artwork by Sebastian

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About the Artist

(Born 1947)  Enrique Carbajal González is a Mexican sculptor best known for his monumental works of steel and/ or concrete in both Mexico and beyond.  He chose to sign his work Sebastián after the painting of Saint Sebastian by Botticelli.  Currently his workshop is where he lives, in Mexico City. 

Sebastián’s first art training took place at the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas in Mexico City in 1964.  Since 1968 the artist has participated in over 120 individual exhibitions of his work in Mexico, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, England, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Canada, Finland, the US, France, Japan, Switzerland and Venezuela. 

He was the artist in residence for Dartmouth College in 1990.  For over twenty five years he has been a professor and researcher at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico.  He also teaches sculpture, visualization and multimedia classes at the Institutio Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico City.

He has been inducted as an honorary member of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (1983), a member of the Academia Nacional de las Artes, the Salón de la Plástica Mexicana and the Legión de Honor Nacional de México. (1987).  He has also received honorary doctorates from the Universidad Autónoma de La Laguna in Torreón (2003), the Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua (2004), the City College of New York, the Universidad Autónoma de Colima and the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (2011) taken from Wikipedia