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Artwork by Mono

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About the Artist

Christopher Moser explains in his book Native American Basketry of Central California "The Monache" were not a cohesive group but an assemblage of at least six (6) independent tribal bands. Often referred to as the Western Mono, they shared a distinct language in the Western branch of the Numic Uto-Aztecan family with their neighbors, the Eastern Mono (Mono Paiutes) and the Owens Valley Pauites." . . . "Monache subsistence relied heavily on hunting, fishing and the gathering of wild plant foods." "Monache basketry is most similar to that of the Footfhill Yokuts with whom they traded and interacted extensively. . . . Monache coiled ware has a grass foundation that coils left (stitches slant right) with sewing materials of sedge, dyed black or natural brown brackern fern root and redbud. Rims frequently have a whipped stitch or half braid. Designs tend to be horizontal bands of zigzags, diamonds, etc., like the Yokuts, but bands are often broken with vertical elements such as stached triangles or quail plume motifs. . . . Yokuts seem to prefer red tones, while Monache prefer black, especially on vertical motifs." Moser's book is an indispensible tool for basket collectors attracted to California baskets!