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Artwork by Novella Parigini

1 artwork currently available by Novella Parigini.

About the Artist

(1921-1993) Italian surrealist artist born to a noble family in Chiusi in the province of Siena.  Parigini attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris. 

She maintained a studio in her home in Rome where she received noteworthy celebrities including Hollywood actors and artists such as Fellini the filmmaker, Salvador Dali, Giorgio De Chirico, Sartre and Jean Cocteau.  

"Novella Parigini drew from the French culture, existentialism and surrealism stimuli to develop a highly expressionist painting that was, after World War II, almost a cry of liberation woman artist" said Antonella Amendola.

Parigini was also remembered for her devotion to depicting cats and Madonnas, especially woman-eyed felines.