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Artwork by Alfredo Rodriguez

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About the Artist

(Born 1954, Nayarit, Mexico) "For Alfredo Rodriguez, painting was as much a part of childhood development as learning to walk or speak. Some of his earliest memories are of illustrating classroom assignments and painting portraits of family members with one of his earliest gifts, a set of watercolors from his mother at the age of six.

Born and raised in Mexico in a family of nine children, Alfredo used his talent to supplement his family's income needs. His visits to the Indian reservations in Mexico and watching American Western movies developed a deep interest in portraying the American West of the 1800's in his work. His subjects include the cowboy, Navajo and Plains Indians, mountain men, prairie and pioneer settlers and miners from the California and Colorado Gold Rush.

Rodriguez has lived in California since 1975, but continues to travel regularly to Indian reservations and locations around the country researching, studying and painting studies for his major pieces.

Education • Workshops with Master Artist Santiago Rosas in Mexico

Selected Exhibitions • Pearce Museum, "A New Look at the West" Corsicana, TX, September, 2013 • Autry National Center, American Indian & Cowboy Artist of America (AICA at the Autry), Los Angeles, CA, 1997 • Western Art Museum, Western Art Festival, San Dimas, CA, 1990/1996 • Favel Museum, Western Art Exhibition, Klamath Falls, Oregon, 1991 • George Phippen Museum, Prescott, AZ, George Phippen Memorial Show, 1975 • Museo de Arte Histórico, Tepic, Nayarit, México, 1968

Selected Press • Western Art Collector, Alfredo Rodriguez, "Pioneer Spirit", April, 2014 • Western Art Collector, Alfredo Rodriguez, "Western Narratives", April, 2013 • Western Art Collector, Alfredo Rodriguez, "Sharing the Light", April, 2012 • Western Art Collector, Alfredo Rodriguez "Westward Journey", April, 2011 • Western Art Collector, Alfredo Rodriguez, "In Search of Gold", April, 2010 • Western Art Collector, Alfredo Rodriguez, "A Life in Color", April, 2009 • Art of the West, Cover, Vicki Stavig, "Great Expectations", 2004 • Informart, Cover, Peggy Kinstler, "Alfredo Rodriguez Paints the World around Him", 2002 • Art of the West, Vicki Stavig, "Let the River Flow", 1995 • Wild West, John G. Neihardt, "The American Indian in Art",1995 • Art of the West, Vicki Stavig, "At Work with Alfredo Rodriguez",1993 • International Fine Art Collector, Celeste Hollister Jones,"... Lest the Old Ways Be Forgotten", 1992 • Western Horseman, Chan Bergen, "Gallery",1989 • Art of the West, Vicki Stavig, "Sharing His Fascination with the Human Face",1988

Selected Publications • Heritage Gallery, George Pendleton, Alfredo Rodriguez, A Life in Color, 2007 • Bobbie Kalman, Native North American: Wisdom and Gifts, Crabtree Publishing Co., 2006 • Amanda Bishop, Life of the Navajo, Crabtree Publishing Co., 2004 • Amanda Bishop, Nations of the Southwest, Crabtree, Publishing, Co., 2003 • Bobbie Kalman, Life in a Plains Camp, Crabtree Publishing, Co., 2001 • Bobbie Kalman, Nations of the Plains, Crabtree Publishing Co., 2001 • Bobbie Kalman, Native Homes, Crabtree Publishing Co., 2001 • Harold and Peggy Samuels, Contemporary Western Artist, p. 448., Houston TX, 1982 • Royal B. Hassrick, Western Painting Today, New York: Watson-Guptill Publications, 1975 Awards • Pearce Museum, "A New Look at the West", Artist's Choice Award, Corsicana, TX , 2013 • Autry National Center, "American Indian & Cowboy Artists of America, (AICA at the AUTRY), People's Choice Award, Los Angeles, CA, 1997 • San Dimas Art Festival, American Indian & Cowboy Artists of America, Silver Medal Drawing & Festival Choice Award, San Dimas, CA, 1994 • Favell Museum, Museum's Art Festival, Gold Medal and Artist of the Year Award, Klamath Falls, OR

Selected Collections • Booth Western Art Museum • Leanin’ Tree Museum of Western Art • Favell Museum • Heritage of the Americas Museum • Pearce Western Art Museum • Mrs. Jackie Autry • Mrs. Connie Stevens • Mr. Bob Eubanks • Mrs. Pilar Wayne"  taken from