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Artwork by Henry Dawson

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About the Artist

(1811-1878) British landscape painter

"Although he was born in Hull, Dawson always regarded Nottingham as his home town, having moved there as a small child.  His parents were poor and he was sent to work in a lace-making factory.  There, despite the work he had to do, he managed to practice his drawing to begin with and later his painting, producing some small paintings that he initially sold for half a crown.

In 1835 he left his job as a lace-maker and embraced a career in art.  His mentor at the time was a Nottingham hairdresser with a taste for art.  In 1835 he settled in Liverpool where he quickly acquired a reputation for himself and sold his works for high prices.  In 1849 he went to London with his family.  It was while there that he produced his best paintings.

Some of his best known works include Wooden Walls of Old England, which was exhibited in 1853 at the British Institution, Rainbow, Rainbow over the Sea and London at Sunrise.

Dawson was self taught.  He studied nature for himself and his art displays great originality and profound realism.  Later, Turner seems to have exerted a great deal of influence on Dawson, although he could not be called an imitator of Turner, as he has his own distinctive character.  For many years, his work was known only to a small number of artists and experts.  It was notuntil the Nottingham Exhibition of 1878 that his work was appreciated by the public.  From then, he was regarded as a true England landscape artist, loving nature and representing it faithfully and conscientiously."  Benezit Dictionary of Artists