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Artwork by Sandra Shutiva

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About the Artist

Sandra Shutiva Garcia has collaborated with her husband Wildred Garcia (born 1954). They both share something from Sandra's mother, Stella:  Sandra's family roots are deep within Acoma pottery.  Stella inspired Wilfred to move from painting to pottery.  Active from the 1980's forward, this Acoma artist is known largely for her polychrome jars, bowls and figures.  Togther they are known for their large white jars with carved cliff dwellings and appliqued ears of corn.

Wilfred is also known for his oval jars with appliqued faces of kachinas.  He recounts the time his mother-in-law told him that his "hands were meant to work with clay, not oils and acrylics."  We are fortunate that he took her advice.

Sandra is referenced is Gregory Schaaf's book covering Southern Pueblo potters.  "Their pottery is well formed and artistic in composition and design."