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Artwork by George Edwards

2 artworks currently available by George Edwards.

About the Artist

(1694-1773) Although Edwards was an acknowledged ornithologist of his day, his notable mammal studies are also desirable. 

"Edwards drew reptiles, amphibians, fish and mammals.  Most notable are the monkeys, lemurs, a sloth and a zebra. Distinctly 18th century in conception and style, Edwards' primates are generally shown seated against a white background on a patch of ground, holding fruit or nuts, and gazing at the viewer.  Posed this way lends a whimsical quality to his depictions in spite of the intensely detailed renderings. Plus their expressions often signal a direct comparison to their human counterparts."

"Born in Essex, England, Edwards studied art in Holland, but upon visiting Norway to study birds, his passion for birds was revealed and thus he commitment to natural history, making colored drawings of birds and animals.  He later was schooled in the making of etchings uder the artist Mark Catesby (1683-1749)."

taken from the George Glazer Gallery's description of Edwards' work and biography