Indian Figure

Phillips Sanderson

Indian Figure, Sculpture by Phillips Sanderson
  • Sanderson sculpture
Savvy Price $5,500.00
Gallery Price $7,500.00
Indian Figure
Phillips Sanderson
Wood collage
Sight size
47 1/4" height X 35" width
Silver finished wood molding
Frame size
49" height X 37" width
"Phillips Sanderson" at viewer's lower right
Excellent, as appeared framed
Da Jo, originally from a business based in Arizona
About The Indian Figure
About Phillips Sanderson
(1908-1987)  An American painter and sculptor who was born in Bowling Green, Missouri.  A student at the Art Institute of Chicago, Sanderson moved to Bisbee, Arizona for his health in 1932, working as an illustrator and a sign painter.  

His first commission was the Miner's Monument at the Cochise County Courthouse in Bisbee, as well as some reliefs in the courthouse interior.  Five years later he moved to Phoenix to teach at the Phoenix Art Center, thanks to the Works Progress Administration.  Additional commissions emanated from the United States Maritime.  Sanderson later worked as an illustrator and model maker for the Goodyear Aircraft Corporation, followed by a stint designing furniture. 

From 1947 to 1954 he taught at Arizona State College, after which he served as an illustrator for Motorola (1957-1958) and later a model marker for the Arizona Highway Department (1962-1965).  In 1973 a retrospective exhibition was staged of Sanderson's work at Arizona State University.

Sanderson's work was characterized as modern, often derived from the landscape and sculpture of the American Southwest. largely taken from Wikipedia
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Arizona, USA


Sculpture, Wood


American Indians


Phillips Sanderson, Sanderson sculpture