The Spirit Horse before 1984

Pop Chalee

The Spirit Horse before 1984, Paintings by Pop Chalee
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Item Purchased
Savvy Price $1,500.00
Gallery Price $2,000.00
The Spirit Horse before 1984
Pop Chalee
Gouache (opaque watercolor) on brown paper
Sight size
24 3/4" height X 26 3/4" width
Hand-wrapped linen window mat, regular glass, wood molding. (custom)
Frame size
32 5/8" height X 34 5/8" width
"Pop Chalee" at viewer's lower right
Date of creation
Before 1984
Fair. Water staining throughout. Abrasion to paper near signature measuring less than 1/2" in length.
Da Jo
About The The Spirit Horse before 1984

Had this painting been in excellent condition, its gallery price would have exceeded $5,500.00



About Pop Chalee

(1906-1993) An East Indian mother and a father from Taos Pueblo represented a mixed beginning for Pop Chalee. Merina Lujan Hopkins grew up at Taos Pueblo, then attended and graduated from the Santa Fe Indian School.

Pop Chalee began her professional painting in 1936 after serving as the only adult attending the Santa Fe Indian School to study easel painting with Dorothy Dunn. Best known for her depiction of horses and forest scenes. Pop Chalee used watercolor with meticulous detail.

She was the first Native American painter included in Who's Who.

Prior to her death she was living in New Mexico. Margaret Cesa gathered information for approximately four years and published a book on Pop Chalee titled The World of Flower Blue Pop Chalee: An Artistic Biography.

[I was introduced to Pop at Leo and Buck Saunders' Gallery in Scottsdale and immediately commented "You look just like your paintings!". as she was pristinely dressed with not a hair out of place. It was a great privilege to meet this talented woman. Years later I was blessed with the purchase of a small painting by Pop. - Corinne]

Every collection of Native American painting ought to include an example of this woman's very special work. Pop Chalee's work is included in the exhibit "Beautiful Resistance: Works on Paper from the Heard Museum Collection" May 22 - December. 2005.


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