Sky Bird Bola Tie

Leo Poblano

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Sky Bird Bola Tie
Leo Poblano
Sterling silver, natural turquoise, orange red Mediterrean coral, jet and mother of pearl shell
Troy ounces
1.37 troy ounces
2 5/8" height X 1 1/3" width, 2" height X 7/8" width (2 tips)
No, which was customary for Zuni inlay jewelry at the time when this was made
Date of creation
Post World War II 40's to early 50's
Natural Blue Gem and possibly other Nevada mined turquoise, intense blue to blue green in color.
Sky bird form is a more elegant thunderbird, but details are closer to a peyote ritual bird.
Consigned by an heir to a collector who assembled superb examples of American Indian jewelry while living in Center City Colorado. RS
Gram weight
42.6 grams
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About The Sky Bird Bola Tie

Rare Leo Poblano sky bird bola tie with pendant tips !!!

Elegant and beautifully executed channel inlay piece is made using the 4 sacred stones in the traditional sacred direction colors. 

The two smaller bird pendant tips are just like the large one in every perfect detail, using only the finest turquoise, coral, jet and mother of pearl.

Pleasing to the eye and to touch, there is not one millimeter of this handsome tie that hasn't been carefully smoothed and flawlessly finished. This work of art can be worn distinctively by both gentlemen and ladies. It is striking, yet refined enough to venture outside the realm of Western wear and even collars !!!

The design of this piece is Leo Poblano's signature. Its artistry truly soars !!!

About Leo Poblano

Leo Poblano was born about 1905 at Zuni Pueblo. Active as a jeweler between 1919-1959, he had an exceptional talent for inlay jewelry.

Poblano enlisted in the U.S. Army during World War II. Upon his return, he served as a firefighter at Zuni pueblo in addition to working as an artist. When electricity came to his pueblo in 1950, he set aside his hand grinder in favor of an electric grinder. Once Poblano completed the stonework, Zuni trader C. G. Wallace would have a silversmith mount the stones. Leo Poblano died in a tragic accident in 1959. While performing his duty as a firefighter, a burning tree fell on him.

Noted for his large inlay figures, many of Poblano’s masterpieces were preserved by C. G. Wallace. His work is in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian Institution, the Heard Museum and other prestigious institutions. His daughter, Victoria Poblano, is an innovative, award-winning jeweler.

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